Case study for an e-commerce company

these days i’m gravitating towards web-design 


Photo Lettering, Inc. is alive! It’s really cool—for those of you who don’t know, it is a long-awaited site from House Industries where you can set a headline (say, for a magazine), pay just $7, and get a download of the text setting for you to use forever and ever. The all-star designers that have contributed their letters (be them digitizations of the PLinc back catalog or original designs) include Ken Barber, Tal LemingChristian Schwartz, Paul Barnes, Erik van Blokland, Kris Sowersby, Martin Wenzel, Dan Milne, Mitja Miklavčič, Donald Roos, Kai Bernau, Susana Carvalho and more. (via colinmford)


The thing really keeps me writing is finding innovative little projects like this one from Gareth Hughescalled 2 Sugars. This is simply a concept that he created but I thought it was so clever I had to share. The idea is simple, a lot of people have to get coffee or tea or drinks for their co-workers but it’s often difficult to remember what everyone wants. Enter 2 Sugars which allows you to easily create users and then input what each one of them wants by simple clicking the options on the screen. There’s even the tiny detail of shaking the screen to clear your order, which could be really fun or frustrating. Either way I think Gareth needs to make this app a reality, don’t you?


Why don’t more software companies keep sexy lists of the things they’re working on?


Cabinet 206 - Now available online

Time has passed since our last visit at the Cabinet store, where we sneaked in right before the opening last year. Niki jagdfeld was one of our first guests actually and we’re now happy that their Concept store is well appreciated around Berlin.

They just launched their online store, so in case you’re not in our beloved city, you can shop their stuff from your laptop now.